Sex Education

Alexithymia - difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses.

There is a silence surrounding the subject of sex in our society. This is the reason why people, from professional public speakers to desperate wannabes on random YouTube ads announce ‘SEX’ at the beginning of their bad speeches in order to be able to get anybody’s attention. Our ‘Asian Values’ have somehow given us Victorian sensibilities, so that we shroud the discussion of normal bodily functions in shame and secrecy, and children continue to ask their mamas who bore them without ever getting a reply. Most of the time, any attempts on these sensitive subjects are silence with one-liners like ‘sin’ or ‘haraam’ and in the process, our parents become hypocrites as they demonize the very act that brought us – their gifts of joy – to them. People think that teaching sex ed somehow means that we’re going to end up as sex-crazed maniacs, forgetting that a good proportion…

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Society’s hang ups and cultural differences.

Rantings of an Aussie Geek.

Society has many hang ups about many different subjects. They vary from country to country though.

I find it odd that as a society we take great measures to protect children (I mean that in this case as anyone under adult age) from anything we deem sexual but violence is only mildly limited. Basically it seems to be okay as long as it isn’t too gory. Now I don’t propose showing kids hardcore fucking/fetish stuff. I think we should treat violence worse than the sexual stuff as far as children are concerned.

I’m sure I had more stuff in mind when I wrote a note to do a blog post about this but I forgot what else I was going to write about. So apologies for the short blog.

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Why is Sex Taboo?

shhWhy do you think sex is Taboo? I think sex is taboo because of older beliefs and values on sex as whole. Sex was only meant to be discussed with a person and their partner. Even further back in the day sex was not even discussed it was chore, point blank. So now in the United States there is a stigma towards sex, even more so in minority communities. In some cultures sex is a no no to talk about between the generations. Parents would only have that ‘basic’ talk about sex to their children that would usually often end in more questions asked than solved. But we are undeniably sex driven human. It is normal for us to talk about sex, to think, read, watch it even so, and that is ok. So you tell me what do you think? Why is sex taboo?


Tia Evans, MSW