Sex Education

Alexithymia - difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses.

There is a silence surrounding the subject of sex in our society. This is the reason why people, from professional public speakers to desperate wannabes on random YouTube ads announce ‘SEX’ at the beginning of their bad speeches in order to be able to get anybody’s attention. Our ‘Asian Values’ have somehow given us Victorian sensibilities, so that we shroud the discussion of normal bodily functions in shame and secrecy, and children continue to ask their mamas who bore them without ever getting a reply. Most of the time, any attempts on these sensitive subjects are silence with one-liners like ‘sin’ or ‘haraam’ and in the process, our parents become hypocrites as they demonize the very act that brought us – their gifts of joy – to them. People think that teaching sex ed somehow means that we’re going to end up as sex-crazed maniacs, forgetting that a good proportion…

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