Are You Coming With Me?

6/29/18 UPDATED: The song actually is not about a vibrator (bummer I know) BUT imagine if it was? SO…. You may or may not have heard (the rumors) that our beloved “Electric Slide” originally entitled “Electric Boogie” by songwriter Neville … Continue reading

Can I Make It Juicy For You?

Raise your hand, or nod your head if you have used lube, or are open to using lube.  Lubricant (lube) is a product use to assist or enhance a sexual experience by adding extra “wetness” to the genitals. If you … Continue reading

Holla Out The Window It’s The Project Nympho!

Picture this: It’s 5 o’clock in the morning on any given Sunday. Last night you went on eventful date with your girl. Come home, bam amazing sex!  The hair pulling, booty smacking, infinite amount a lube around kinda sex that … Continue reading

How To Add Some Spark To Your Sex Life This New Year!!

Relearn Your Body Take the time to learn what makes you feel good, mentality, emotionally, physically and sexually. If you are not a skin hungry person that’s ok, and if you need to be touched all the time that’s ok … Continue reading

Going Grocery Shopping: T’s Quick 5 Step Guide to Analingus

With the topic being hot in the news and social media right now, I wanted to share an intro guide to Analingus (oral sex that involves mouth/lips/tongue to the anus), commonly known as “Tossing Salad, Rimming and Eating The Groceries”. … Continue reading

Boyfriends Don’t Get BJs


Unless You TRULY Want To!!!

          Raise your hand, if you’ve been in a situation where your partner who had a penis, wanted to receive your golden throat, without giving back in return? Did you begrudgingly agree, thinking you would get yours next time only for it happen over and over again leaving you frustrated (maybe dryer) and wanting more?  “They” say doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. If that’s the case girl are you crazy? If giving only and not receiving does not get you off (for some it does), why are you doing it? Sure you love and care about your partner, but how much do you love yourself? Would you get into a cold car in the middle of winter and expect to just take off? Of course not, so why treat a car better than your own body?


          You deserve to be able to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your needs before, during, and after all sexual activity. If you feel like you can’t have that conversation with them, then ask yourself, do they really deserve your body? You’ve got to love yourself first before you can adequately give love to anyone else, especially in the bedroom. Trust me if your partner is aware that a kiss here, a rub there a nibble somewhere else, will make the sex wetter, longer, LOUDER 9 times out of 10 they will be on board with, or at least attempt in your favor. If they flat out refuse, then I ask again, do they really deserve your body? You deserve proper foreplay and you deserve all the pleasure you desire. If you can put your mouth on that penis, you can use that same mouth to voice your desires. Sex should never be one sided. T told you so.


T’s Couch


Don’t be afraid to start over

Maybe this is you, or you know somebody that’s been in a not so good relationship, but refuses to get out because of how much time has been ‘invested’ in the relationship. The on again off again, the breaks, the space, all to just try to make it work ‘again’ knowing it won’t. For what? 

Humans are creatures of habits, sure we like our routines and hate to be uncomfortable, but at what cost? Yes starting over is hard, and can really suck. Learning knew favorites, likes and dislikes, birthdays and holidays can all be overwhelming, in the beginning, but can you really put a price on your sanity and piece of mind? If you’re reading this and thinking, this is me ask yourself why do I keep doing this to myself? 

Being afraid of the unknown is ok, but loving a relationship more than you love yourself is not. You are more than a partner to someone else, remember you were an individual before they came into your life, and you will continue to be an individual throughout or even after the relationship. 

Tia Evans, MSW, MEd, LCSW Relationship and Sexuality Therapist.

What To Do If You Suspect Your Preteen/ Teen Is Masturbating?

Have you noticed that you preteen/teen may be spending more time in the bathroom, have their music turned up loud, you’ve discovered pornography in their online search history or asking for more privacy? Your child may be masturbating, and may not want you to find out about it. So what do you do? First of all RELAX, this is perfectly normal behavior for your preteen/teen to engage in. Next take the time to do some self reflection, how do you feel about masturbation, what were you taught (if anything) about masturbating at this same age, how do you want your preteen/teen to view masturbation? Would this be an acceptable alternative to have sexual intercourse? If you feel comfortable about it, have an open, honest, candid conversation with them while you and your preteen/teen are both in a relaxed stated to reduce the tension in the air. You may not have to come out and ask them if they are engaging in masturbation, but talk to them as their parent, about your views. Be careful not to shame your preteen/teen, but instead instill rules and boundaries about where they can and cannot have their ‘private time’. Depending on their age and what you and your preteen/teen have already talked about previously, it may be a good time to ask them other questions about their sexual history. If they have been watching pornography, address it. Explain that pornography is not safe for them to watch and that there may be consequences if it keeps happening. This can also be a good opportunity to reinforce the value and beliefs you want your preteen/teen to learn from you about sex, whether it be abstinence until marriage, or safe/healthy sexual practices.

If you do not feel comfortable having this conversation, ask yourself why this may be difficult for you to address at this time? If you find that having this conversation may be more harmful than good, to you or your preteen/teen, maybe you can turn to another adult family member, or friend, you trust and your preteen/teen trust  to have the conversation with them for you. Children, at any age, want to feel validated by their parents. They care about what you think about them, so consider this a sensitive subject to address with them. Use this time to affirm your love for them, and your desire for them to succeed to become healthy happy adults. Once again RELAX, yes your child is growing up, but that’s why they have you, as their parent(s), to guide them.

Tia Evans, MSW, LCSWA Sex Therapist